Wolf Vostell

Year and place of birth: 1932, Leverkusen, Germany Location: d. 1998, Berlin, Germany

Up to 1958 Wolf Vostell, was principally active with 'décollage', an artistic composition in which existing images are taken apart, thus in a sense form the opposite of a 'collage'. In the years that followed, the artist was noted for his work with happenings and installations in the public space. He frequently incorporated TV sets into his work and in this way questioned (public) manipulation by the medium. In the early 1960s, Vostell became one of the driving forces behind Fluxus, an art movement that elevated everyday things to art, thus campaigning against the elitism of the art world. Vostell gained fame with spectacular performances, for example he publicly poured concrete over cars. He recorded many of these performances on video, a new medium that he immediately considered to be a fully-fledged art form.

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