Colonie 21


Colonie 21 is the latest project in the joint venture by the S.M.A.K. and the local authorities of Bredene. Second artist residing at Bredene.

After the exhibitions Grasduinen 01 and 02, a programme of artists in residence is being launched. In autumn and winter 2005 several artists selected by the S.M.A.K. will each stay and work in Bredene for four weeks. The artists’ temporary studio will be in a lifeguards hut in the inspiring environment of sea, beach and dunes. Talks and/or workshops will be given in conjunction with each residence, but the possibilities also include visits to schools. Each artist’s stay will be rounded off with a public encounter. The artists will also take part in an exhibition at the Staf Versluys Meeting and Event Centre starting on 6th January. The second artist who stays in Bredene is Anno Dijkstra.

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