Coming People 2005


For the ninth successive year the Friends of the S.M.A.K. are organising the Coming People exhibition. 

For this group exhibition, two curators from the museum (Beatrijs Eemans and Thibaut Verhoeven) are selecting students who are graduating this year from the two Ghent art colleges, the Academy of Fine Art and St Luke’s College.

The exhibition will be divided between the rooms of the museum and the Poort Napoleon (the gatehouse to the right of the S.M.A.K.). Coming People is not intended to be a hit parade of the so-called best students. The selection is made on the basis of the possibility of combining the works in an exhibition, also taking account of the spatial and technical limitations of the exhibition space. The show is therefore no more than an indication, or a cross-section, for which just as many talented young artists are not selected as are. Coming People is above all intended to present a picture of the way young artists relate to developments in contemporary art. Maïté Baillieul (Vrije grafiek, Sint-Lucas) Larsen Bervoets (3D/Multimedia, Academie) Jonas Lampens (Fotografie, Academie) Tinka Pittoors (Mixed media, Academie) Jessie Schiettecatte (Mixed media, Academie) Steffie Van Cauter (3D/Multimedia, Academie) Maarten Van Luchene (Beeldhouwkunst, Sint-Lucas) en Karel Wouters (Schilderkunst, Sint-Lucas).

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