De Vereniging presents: Anna Zacharoff

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Friends of S.M.A.K. invite Anna Zacharoff to exhibit at De Vereniging.

Anna Zacharoff works across a range of media - performance, narrative texts and sculptures taking part beside painting as the major player. A recurring theme of her output features organisms and creatures from the ocean floor. Zacharoff’s paintings, rendered in oil and pigment, depict mussels, goldfish, crabs, snails and sea pens in an interplay of colours and lines that emerge pictorially yet abstract. The motifs are often shown isolated against a slightly stained canvas giving the feeling that what you see is as present as what is left out. The emptiness of the canvas hinting to be read as the vastness of the ocean and all that might be there.

The exhibition is curated and coordinated by Nadia Bijl.

Anna Zacharoff (°1987, Stockholm) graduated in 2015 from the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main and currently lives and works in Brussels. She has exhibited at various places, such as Neue Alte Brücke in Frankfurt am Main, Vilma Gold in London, STANDARD in Oslo and Nassauischen Kunstverein Wiesbaden. Her fictional writings have been published by Pure Fiction in their publications, Dysfyction I, Dysfyction II and Pure Fyction Series; in Montez Press Interjection Calandar 003; in Melissa Gordon´s Conversation Series and latest in Brantford&Keene's Hut Hut.

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