Photography and video installation

Korine cokehead2

This exhibition is organised in the frame of the 6th Documentary Film Festival VIEWPOINT Ghent. 

S.M.A.K. will be showing two series of photos ("Milk Chicken Review" and "Coke Head Swingers") and the video installation "The Diary of Anne Frank, Part II".

S.M.A.K. is showing work by the latest enfant terrible of the American cinema, Harmony Korine, the scenarist of "Kids" and director of such strikingly individual films as "Gummo" and "Julian Donkey Boy". In addition to his extraordinary film work, Korine, as a writer, also broke with literary convention in his book "A crackup at the race riots" and emerged as a musician on his CD "SSAB SONGS", a musical experiment he recorded with several friends. He has also made an impression as an artist. His friendship with Mike Kelly and related figures is by no means purely coincidental. Korine’s visual work consists mainly of drawings, photography and video installations that give expression to his dark, bizarre imagination, as do his films. Most of his attention is focused on fragmented moments of lives as they might be spat out by the demented lens of the media or television. His work is alternately offensive, funny and sad, and is tuned intensely to absurdity, hypocrisy and man’s hilarious obsession with death, poverty, fame, violence, gossip, degeneration and obscenity. Korine defies existing codes and creates a world of his own with explosive, jagged images of a ‘white trash’ environment. His work makes one uneasy, is disturbing, often hard as nails, but also melancholy, and always exudes a strange poetry. Harmony Korine clearly has a voice of his own and is one of the most exciting and versatile talented young Americans of the day.

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