Culture 2000, international research project, Case "Performance"


Together with several other European museums, S.M.A.K. is studying preventive conservation and the presentation of installations. 

Performance by the Japanese artist Suchan Kinoshita is the fourth work of art to be studied in Ghent.

When an installation is reassembled, it is important to take the character of the work into account. The work may have a static character that is always reflected in the same way. The Performance installation however is clearly dynamic. Suchan Kinoshita makes interdisciplinary work, and also balances between theatre, music, the visual arts and architecture. Her work is the result of the cross-fertilization of these disciplines. By allowing the viewer to participate in her acts and installations, she communicates directly with the public. Everything is based on experience. Performance is therefore a true performance. The audience, seated on benches, is invited to watch a programme. The aim of the study is to find out, together with the artist, how a museum can deal with dynamic work in the presentation of a collection.

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