Max Sudhues (°1977, Münster) studied at the Münster Art School and afterwards continued his artistic training in Frankfurt and Ghent (HISK, 2006-2007).

The installations created by Max Sudhues have an immediate charm because of their honesty and modesty. Observing his work means entering an environment that is both poetic and threatening, balancing on the verge of dreams and nightmares. In the tradition of the ‘collage’, he creates fantastic worlds where the original objects remain visible, but faded, so that a number of associative interpretations may be possible. He achieves this through transforming banal and everyday objects through light projections and to transform them to unexpected proportions and interpretations. The use of different projection methods – from office lamp to beamer – makes it possible to create various images. In an ‘obstacle course’ of installations, various projections, video loops and a great range of combined materials, Max Sudhues explores the boundaries of analogue and digital, light and shade. He refers to the apparent static state of everyday affairs, which are in reality, subject to constant change. Each object retains its own functionality within the installation, but it is invariably connected to a bizarre, narrative and complex fantasy world. This creates various visual layers. Behind the trusted run-of-the-mill foreground, Max Sudhues searches for moments of confusion and alienation, for apparitions that may try to ‘break open’ a normal perception.

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