1 Nnena Kalu Studio Voltaire elsewhere 2020 Commissioned by Studio Voltaire in partnership with Action Space courtesy of the artist and Studio Voltaire credit Francis Ware

Ten years after Jan Hoet's Middlegate exhibition, Philippe Van Cauteren and Pierre Muylle in Geel devise a contemporary response to what was then described as outsider art.

In 2013, Jan Hoet curated Middlegate, a special exhibition that established a dialogue between mainstream artists and the work of artists described as art brut or outsider art. Ten years later, cultural centre de Werft invites Philippe Van Cauteren and Pierre Muylle to come up with a contemporary response to what started ten years ago in Geel.

The TAGELDIMDE/MIDDLEGATE exhibition is both a tribute to the 2013 exhibition and a window to future projects.

does not try to think in terms of outsider, neurodiverse or crip. Through a collection of works by 54 nationally and internationally selected artists, the exhibition aims to create an inventive art experience that thinks through conventional categories and preconceptions.

To make this possible, all works in the exhibition are presented without the artist's name or title of the work. The experience of the exhibition is through anonymous artworks. The visitor information accompanying the artworks is the result of conversations with a number of residents from the City of Geel.

Participating artists:
Ashley Anjuyn, Aysha e Arar, Lysandre Begijn, Ben Benaouisse, Marianne Berenhaut, Danny Bergeman, Julius Bockelt, Guido Boni, Elke-Andreas Boon, Della Calberson, Misleidys Francisca Castillo Pedroso, Klaus Compagnie, Lia D Castro, Eric Derkenne, Julien Detiège, Kasper De Vos (ism Yellow Art), Alain Elsen, Angela Fidilio, Maurizio Fontanelli, Irène Gérard, Giga, Gauthier Hubert, Nnena Kalu, Alexis Lippstreu, Jennifer Lohrmann, Bouddha Mabudi, Tomasz Machciński, Andreas Maus, Alessandra Michelangelo, Juan Muñoz, Armineh Negahdari, Jockum Nordström, Henrik Olesen, Laure Prouvost, Guy Rombouts, Franz von Saalfeld, Manuela Sagona, Franca Settembrini, Riccardo Sevieri, Pieter Slagboom, Harald Stoffers, Javier Téllez, Dominique Théâte, Ante Timmermans, Dennis Tyfus, Guy Van Bossche, Nanou Vandecruys Hidde Van Schie, Sandra Vásquez de la Horra, Ria Verhaeghe, Hervé Yamguen, Cristof Yvoré, Artur Żmijewski, Marie Zolamian

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