The Big Umbrella (Martinique)

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For the sixth time the Baloise group has presented a work to the SMAK collection. This year it is the work of Aleksandra Mir (b. 1967, Poland – lives in New York).

For the Big Umbrella project Mir constructed a gigantic, usable umbrella large enough for 16 people. Although the umbrella is both familiar and functional, the enlarged scale makes it into something fantastic. She visited six different cities with this enlarged object and collected information not only regarding weather conditions but also about our unity, solidarity and isolation. Mir’s acts are infiltrations in the public space and range from waiting in line to walking about or posing in front of well-known monuments. The Big Umbrella is a unique reflection of everyday life and the interaction between people. SMAK exhibits the umbrella and the photos associated with the location in Martinique.

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