Results of the workshop mentormentor in Dr. Guislain Hospital

Mentor2018 Kurt Stockman1

For the second time in a row, S.M.A.K., Dr Guislain Hospital and mentormentor jointly organised a series of workshops around photography.

Mentor2018 Kurt Stockman10

About eight patients from Dr Guislain Hospital attended four photography workshops in May 2018, under the guidance of mentor mentor photographers.

The starting point was the exhibition From the Collection | Against The Wall, after which they got to work on their own. In the workshops, participants were invited to realise their own series of photographs. They received substantive and technical feedback from the photographers from mentor mentor and artist Anyuta Wiazemsky.

View a selection of the results here. In September 2018, the photos will be shown in the exhibition Jardin de Fair in Ghent.

28.Jun.18 Category: S.M.A.K. Moves
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