Curator Tanja Boon talks about Anna Bella Geiger on the Flemish radio

AB Geiger installation S M A K 2021 photo Dirk Pauwels 13

Relisten to the conversation between Klara presenter Nicky Aerts and S.M.A.K. curator Tanja Boon about Anna Bella Geiger.

Tanja Boon introduces one of the most important contemporary artists in Brazil, Anna Bella Geiger, in Pompidou on Klara. Geiger is exhibiting in S.M.A.K. until 7 November 2021 with Native Brazil/Alien Brazil.

Geiger is a pioneer of Brazilian video art and is counted among the first generation of conceptual artists in South America. Early on, Geiger's informal abstract work evolved into an exploration of other media, such as photogravure, photomontage and video. The exhibition spans more than 50 years and offers, with over 170 works, a comprehensive overview of her multifaceted oeuvre. In addition to historical installations and series, we are showing works that she made for the Biennale di Venezia (1980) and the São Paolo Biennale (1981).

Listen to the fragment in Dutch (minute 17)

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6.Jul.21 Category: Exhibition
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