A breaded action during the Poorest Week

Armste Week 2022

During the Poorest Week (between 12 and 18 December 2022), we ask that you pay an extra 2.70 euros on top of your S.M.A.K. ticket. The price of a loaf of bread, because it is much needed.

The proceeds of this action will go to the Poorest Week, an initiative in favour of organisations fighting against poverty. With the money raised, we buy food, medication, clothing, school supplies,...

Poverty Week is there because it is needed more than ever. You too can make a difference. Will you join us? You can pay at the counter or via our online tickets.

Ines claus

In addition, the edition 'Painter's Necklace' by Ines Claus, offered by the Friends of S.M.A.K., will also be auctioned.

The Poorest Week is a city-wide action of, among others, Ghent Arts Consultation and the Ghent Solidarity Fund in collaboration with numerous (cultural) organisations for the benefit of poverty organisations. Direct deposits can also be made via BE66 8901 5428 9443.

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