Generation S.M.A.K. presents rap and video clip

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On 2 February 2016 young people from the CLW presented the press and public with the results of a series of workshops that they had attended in S.M.A.K.: a stop-motion animation film, rap and accompanying video clip. 

In addition to an animation film, the youngsters also made a rap with accompanying video clip in support of their journey round the exhibition 'Drawing | The Bottom Line'. Artist and musician Boris Zeebroek led all the workshops, while the rapper Froze from the Ghent rap group Rauw & Onbesproken helped with creating the rap.

Generation S.M.A.K. is a collaboration project between CLW, S.M.A.K. and Engie Electrabel, introducing young people who have little affinity with culture, to art. REC made a documentary about their journey.

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