Globe Aroma | Portrait Project

20 12 2018 C2 A9olivierdonnet 10

Un groupe d'étudiants en illustration de la LUCA School of Arts Campus Gent collaborent avec les artistes de Globe Aroma sur un projet concernant "le portrait".

Globe Aroma is an open art house in Brussels that welcomes newcomers to artistic and cultural exchange. It is a low-threshold artistic sanctuary where dialogue, collaboration, networking, creation and experience are central.

The project is an initiative of artist and LUCA teacher Goele Dewanckel. The young art students of LUCA School of Arts Campus Ghent and the Globe Aroma artists visit various exhibitions in the S.M.A.K. together, seek each other out in the studios of the art school and in Globe Aroma itself. During these meetings the artists get to know each other better while drawing. Dozens of surprising portraits are the result of these encounters.

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