James Welling’s work ‘Choreograph’ viewed in detail

Welling Choreograph 0123 2

Curious about James Welling’s methods? If so, watch these two videos of how the Choreograph series took shape.

The Metamorphosis exhibition provides an insight into the relational structure of James Welling’s oeuvre and ranges across such traditional genres and styles as portraiture, landscape, abstraction and documentary, and thereby also touches on other cultural disciplines such as painting, architecture, sculpture and dance.

The Choreograph series (2014-17) resulted from the combination of sets of three black & white photos – one of a landscape, a dance performance and architecture – in the red, green and blue colour channels in Photoshop. To give an idea of how the series came about, James Welling gives us a glimpse of his method. You can watch two instructive videos below. Both made by John Sisley.

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