Sound performance on Duchamp Harp Denicolai&Provoost

Duchamp DP

Rewatch the sound performance of Logos Foundation online.

Artist duo Denicolai & Provoost selected the 'Duchamp Harp' for the installation 'Eyeliner (Ghent)', which brings together objects from various windowsills around the city and is currently on display in their solo exhibition 'Hello, Are We in the Show? (comment voir la même autre chose)'.

The Duchamp Harp is a musical instrument designed in 1974 by Godfried-Willem Raes, founder of Logos Foundation, a research and production platform for experimental music, musical robotics and audio art, in Ghent. He made a total of 12 similar instruments. During the sound performance, the 'Duchamp' Harp will be played by co-founder Moniek Darge together with Karin De Fleyt (flute) and Maja Jantar (voice).

10.May.21 Category: Event - Performance
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