mentormentor as a guest in Dr. Guislain Hospital | results workshop

20171215 SMAK Mentor Mentor Guislain 9458 foto Kurt Stockman

About eight patients from Dr Guislain Hospital attended a photography workshop in late 2017, under the guidance of mentormentor photographers.

This fitted perfectly within the framework of The Photographic I, Other Pictures, an exhibition focusing on the still image in an accelerated society and the pose of the body. With this background information, the participants set to work on their own. In the process, they received regular substantive and technical feedback from the photographers from mentor and artist Anyuta Wiazemsky. The participants were challenged to go out and observe their surroundings very precisely.

The workshops eventually led to a beautiful series of still photographs. Check out the results below. Due to the success of this project, we will organise two workshop programmes again in 2018.

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