New edition: Nadia Guerroui | A dream retold, 2023

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The Friends visited the artist's studio in December 2022.

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Nadia Guerroui | A dream retold, 2023
8 + 2 A.P.
30.2 x 40.2 cm, Glass paint on photo print, glued on dibond 3 mm in aluminium dibond matt grey frame.

"The first layer of A dream retold is a photograph of the surface of a lake. While the depth and movements of its water merge with light, it captures the sun and clouds in the manner of a large reflective surface.
The second layer is diluted paint poured but never touched. Only its thick liquidity is at play on the surface of the photograph while the print is inclined at different angles. This gesture combines control and hazard, predictability and unpredictability to create each time a unique work."
, Nadia Guerroui

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Price: 950 euro | 855 euro (members)
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Nadia Guerroui Otium 2020 5

Nadia Guerroui | Otium, 2020 In group exhibition Etude, curated by S.M.A.K. director Philippe Van Cauteren, in Menen, 2020

The work of Nadia Guerroui (b 1988, Toulouse, France, lives in Brussels) is a constant oscillation between multiplicity and emptiness. The artist herself has a background in textiles and her work could be described as an investigation into the transformation of material under the influence of light, nature and time. The simplicity of form in her work itself becomes an aesthetic quality, and some pieces could be called reflexive or self-referential. She likes to keep her methods secret. Sometimes her work shows mathematical accuracy within strict spatial parameters, but it nevertheless appeals to the viewer's sensibilities and creates close relationships between their various formal and thematic elements, such as the environment, art in a public space, architecture and sculpture. The choice of ephemeral, natural and affordable materials is no accident either. Rather, it is meant to create a relationship between the individual and the social, and give the viewer space to establish her/his own vision and understanding of the work. This artist has the ability to experiment with materials that enter intimacy with the viewer.

In 2014, Guerroui was selected for Coming People, S.M.A.K. and her work was exhibited at CAB Fondation, Brussels. Her recent personal exhibitions include: The Other Sleeps in All Things Around (duo) (Wonnerth Dejaco Gallery, Vienna, Austria, 2021), Card Draw (Parallel Vienna, Vienna, Austria, 2019), Palimpsest (Art Institute Shibukawa Gallery, Shibukawa, Japan , 2018), Blink (DAC, Dolceaqua, Italy, 2017) and Impostor Syndrom (SNAP Projects Gallery, Lyon, France, 2016).

She also exhibited at KM 21 Kunstmuseum (The Hague, Netherlands, 2020) and became the laureate of the Vordemberge-Gildewart Award, and Kunstenfestival Watou (Watou, Belgium, 2021), S.M.A.K. (external project), Cultuurcentrum, (Menen, Belgium, 2020), Cloud Seven (Brussels, Belgium, 2021 & 2023), CAB Fondation (Brussels, Belgium, 2022), Belfius Art Collection (Brussels, Belgium, 2022), Résonance - Biennale de Lyon, (Lyon, France, 2022), Cultuurcentrum Strombeek (Grimbergen, Belgium, 2023), A Tale of a Bathtub (Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2023).

Text, Lara Pan
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