New edition: Clara Spilliaert | Wedding Dove, 2021


The artist will exhibit at PUBLIEK PARK from 1 to 4 July.

Clara Spilliaert | Wedding Dove, 2021
10 original works
22 x 7,5 x 5 cm, ceramics

Price: 300 euro | 250 euro (members). Sold out!

On the occasion of her participation in the upcoming open-air exhibition PUBLIEK PARK, organised by our Young Friends, the artist made this edition for us.

Clara Spilliaert (°1993, Tokyo, Japan) lives and works in Ghent and is fascinated by the relationship between man and nature. She departs from the symbolic imagery in various cultures and gives poetic, critical and humorous answers.
Within the artist's universe, notions of gender, nationality and the human relationship to nature are questioned.

In Wedding Dove she questions the role of the white doves that are 'released' during weddings. "An ideal wedding present", says the artist.

Website of Clara Spilliaert.

Website of Clara Spilliaert.
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