New edition | Joke Hansen, Shank

Hansen Joke 2024

Joke Hansen | Shank, 2024
10 + 2 AP
38 x 30 cm Embossed print on birch plywood.

Price: 850 euro | 780 euro (members)
Book your copy: The work is on display in the Friends of S.M.A.K. space in S.M.A.K.

The work of Joke Hansen (b 1979, Bilzen) is one big collection of questions about the how and what of painting. The resulting visual work consists of paintings, collages and sculptures. Probing the limits of the medium in terms of form, medium and paint, her works sometimes seem like caricatures or inside jokes. The radical push to paint on canvas led to Hansen's first cut outs and shaped canvases about five years ago. Her painting practice has since evolved into a permanent, almost obsessional attempt to break out of the traditional canvas and engage the space around the painting. Her oeuvre is a constant discussion with and manipulation of the closed form - rectangle, square, circle or oval - of the classical canvas. Also, "a road to be travelled", as in a computer game, does more often form the subject of a painting: a tubular structure, U-shaped pipes, technical environments or an exhaust pipe flowing into a cloud. Works like Tennis for Two (2021) and Shank (2021) are fine examples.

Joke Hansen is represented by one of our Supporting Friends, Whitehouse gallery.

The artist has work in the S.M.A.K. collection:

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Joke Hansen | Between canyons and deserts, 2021 oil on paper, (1x) h. 23,5 cm x w. 17,5 cm, (2x) h. 29 cm x w. 20,5 cm 2021 loan Flemish Community

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