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Tamara Van San | BODY OF WATER, 2023

10 unique works
glazed ceramics

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Tamara Van San (°1982, Antwerp) studied sculpture at Sint-Lucas in Antwerp. She soon abandoned the classical technique of sculpting from a model and experimented with all manner of non-classical materials and shapes in vivid hues. For several years now, she has primarily been working in clay with brightly-coloured glazes. She makes sculptural spatial installations for both indoors and outdoors, but in addition also creates small-scale sculptures for a more intimate setting. In her work, she plays a spontaneous game with the basic sculptural elements of volume, form and colour.

For the Friends, Tamara Van San made 10 unique works of art.

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Van San has work in the S.M.A.K. collection:

Monk Bowing Down for a Holy Stone
ceramics, marble
h. 52 cm x w. 105 cm x d. 41 cm
2017 purchase

‘Monk Bowing Down for a Holy Stone’ is one of a series of tower-shaped, ceramic sculptures. These ‘New Stones’ are fashioned from handmade shells. Van San combines this personal technique with a multicoloured glazing method that she also developed herself. The artist sought out a non-figurative and non-geometric formal language in order to arrive at a sculpture in which colour and shape are mutually reinforcing. Although the work may initially appear abstract, the title conjures an image in the viewer’s mind that is projected onto the sculpture. Van San drew her inspiration for the piece from the Chinese Gongshi stones. The appearance of the stones is the result of erosion.

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