New edition | Thomas Vandenberghe, Paroles Paroles

Vandenberghe Thomas 2023

Thomas Vandenberghe | Paroles Paroles, 2022
20 + 5 A.P.
silver gelatine print, 7 X 11 cm
frame: 24 X 30 cm
in lead with anti-UV glass. Stamped and signed on the back of frame and print.

Price: 430 euro | 390 (members)
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Atelier Vandenberghe Thomas I

studio of the artist, photo: Thomas Vandenberghe

Thomas Vandenberghe (°1985, Ghent) is a Belgian photographer. He makes small intimate images, usually with flash, so they almost seem like snapshots. His silver gelatine prints, often repeated, faded or torn, each testify to a process of processing.

If for Vandenberghe the act of photographing has to do with desire, the equally important act of printing focuses on memory. The need not only to look at, but also to reconcile with what once was, but perhaps even more with what could have been - but is not and never will be. Repeated, faded or even torn, scratched or cut, his gelatine silver prints bear the poignant evidence of an ongoing process of feelings and reactions, or perhaps even an achieved conclusion.

Each of Vandenberghe's printed pictures contains the drama of what one hopes and desires - an imagined truth - and what ultimately remains. They are the lingering, emotionally charged and, over time, distorted evidence of a reality we now have to live with.

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