Night at the museum by children Arts youth movement BAZART

Kinderen smak

Last week, a dozen children attended the summer camp of youth movement BAZART. Last night, they even slept in the museum!

What if all the artworks are 'used up' and no more art can be made? Are there real works of art to be seen in S.M.A.K.? And why does S.M.A.K. sometimes buy works of art that it still has to make itself? Children got an answer to these questions last week! Together with art youth movement BAZART, they playfully investigated the works of art in the exhibitions.

As a cherry on the cake, they were able to spend one night in the museum. A unique event in S.M.A.K. When the doors closed to the public, the children played an evening game in the museum rooms. For once they did not have to be quiet. Around 20:30 they went to sleep and at 5:00 they were already awake. A bit too excited to sleep any more and to get back to work in the museum...

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