Nocturne | Museum Night – Citadelic Jazz VII | Thursday 6 December 2018


On Museum Night the doors remain open until 1 o’clock in the morning and you can enjoy two jazz performances. On the first floor you will find the oeuvre exhibition on Raoul De Keyser, and downstairs the second instalment of ‘The Photographic’ and an exhibition on the birth of S.M.A.K.


  • This exhibition of Raoul De Keyser’s | oeuvre is the first posthumous retrospective and shows no less than 120 works. In addition to a selection from the museum collection and loans from all over the world, you can also see works on paper that the artist donated to the Museum of Fine Art in 2008.
  • Signal or Noise | The Photographic II
    ‘Signal or Noise’ is the second part of the exhibition ‘The Photographic’, which takes a broad view of the notion of photography, ranging from discipline to mentality. In this exhibition we are turning the gaze inwards and exploring the camera as a metaphor for human existence.
  • We Should Believe in Our Time – Karel J. Geirlandt and the Society for the Museum of Contemporary Art (1957-60)
    This exhibition looks at the founding of the Society for the Museum of Contemporary Art (VMHK) on the basis of archive research and interviews with people who were there.


  • Citadelic Jazz at 8 pm at HISK - DIRIGO RATAPLAN (US) - Ellery Eskelin, Dave Ballou, Michael Formanek, Devin Gray
    Drummer-Composer Devin Gray reconvenes his Dirigo Rataplan band of master musicians from New York for follow-up to their acclaimed first album. Dirigo Rataplan II showcases a striking set of original Gray compositions featuring saxophonist Ellery Eskelin, bassist Michael Formanek and trumpeter Dave Ballou. The new work brims with more earworm melody, richly implied harmony and a loose-limbed sense of rhythm as something physical and flowing – as blood, as breath. Fans of jazz from Ornette Coleman and Henry Threadgill to Dave Holland and Craig Taborn will dig this organic, engrossing mix of composition and improvisation, structure and freedom, atmosphere and dynamism.
  • Citadelic Jazz at 9 pm - YELEMANI TRIO - Moussa Dembélé (BF), Mathias Van de Wiele, Giovanni Barcella
    Yelemani Trio (Burkinese for "change") came into being in March 2014 when Moussa, Mathias & Giovanni decided to form a group from a common love for African and improvised music. Their music draws from various Burkinese traditions, but also from Jazz, impro, rock, psychedelica and electronic music, resulting an exotic sound adventure where dialogue, creation and positive energy lay central ...

Practical information

  • Thursday 6 December 2018 - open from 9.30 am to 1 am
  • Free entrance
  • Dates of following nocturne:
    • Thursday 3 January 2019 – open from 10 am to 9 pm.
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