Olivia Hernaïz

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In order to highlight emerging talent at this difficult time, we highlight the work of a young artist in this section.

Dialogue and narration are at the core of Olivia Hernaïz’ practice. Her work reanimates the world with mythologies that comment upon our capitalist and patriarchal society. She reinvents political and economic systems and indulges them with humorous, fictional and escapist perspectives for a different future. The tactility and aesthetics of Hernaiz’ drawings, video’s and installations are an invitation to engage in conversation with others and make them familiar with her artistic research.

In this participatory sense, she created « Art & My Career », a boardgame that approaches the status of women in the contemporary art world. Inspired by testimonies of cultural workers, the game offers seven careers and imagines many ventures, opportunities and encounters for them. Artist, Curator, Gallerist, Art Historian… each path is different but unavoidably touches upon female underrepresentation. The game is available in French and English. It can be ordered through the website of the artist or found in several bookshops in Belgium and France.
Take a look at Instagram of the game.

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