Opening exhibition: 'Signal or Noise | The Photographic II' - 'We Should Believe in Our Time' | Friday 9 November 2018

The Photographic II cirkel

We offer you a warm welcome to the opening of two new exhibitions at S.M.A.K. on Friday 22 June 2018. The museum is open from 8 to 11 pm. 

'Signal or Noise | The Photographic II'
The second part of the exhibition 'The Photographic' applies an extended concept of photography, from discipline to mentality. We turn the gaze inwards and explore the camera as a metaphor for human existence. Participating artists: Forensic Architecture, Tony Cokes, Lynn Hershman Leeson, David Horvitz, Aaron Flint Jamison, Louise Lawler, Sharon Lockhart, Hana Miletić, Jean-Luc Moulène, Sondra Perry, Marina Pinsky, Seth Price, R.H. Quaytman, Thomas Ruff.

'We Should Believe in Our Time - Karel Geirlandt and the Society for the Museum of Contemporary Art (1957-60)'
Discover how important the society of friends was for the birth of S.M.A.K. and for the Belgian artistic landscape.

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