S.M.A.K., Dr. Guislain Ziekenhuis and mentormentor start a new trajectory

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S.M.A.K. together with the Dr Guislain Hospital and mentormentor photography workshops for people with mental vulnerability.

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photo: Saartje

Already for the fifth time in a row, the Dr Guislain Hospital comes to the S.M.A.K. Together with mentormentor photographers, we organise regular photography workshops for people with mental vulnerability.

After visiting the exhibitions Correspondences by Ronny Delrue and Europalia Romania by Ciprian Muresan, the participants went to work on their own for four weeks. The exhibitions provided an occasion to work on composition, layering and texture. During a weekly workshop, participants reflected on their own work together with Lisa van Damme and Anja Hellebaut.

Each time, the workshops produced exciting results - check them out below. A selection of earlier workshops was shown at S.M.A.K., as part of the collection exhibition 'The Collection (1) | Highlights For A Future.'

This project is supported by Fujifilm.

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