S.M.A.K. Programme 2023 - 2024

Jan Van Imschoot Lechange des betises 2021

Discover the autumn programme here, with exhibitions by Jan Van Imschoot, Joseph Willaert and Karlo Kacharava, among others.

Jan Van Imschoot: The End is Never Near 7.Oct.2023 - 3.Mar.2024

Jan Van Imschoot La Piconera La trahison conjugale 2022

With The End Is Never Near, S.M.A.K. brings a first comprehensive retrospective of Belgian painter Jan Van Imschoot. Van Imschoot is internationally known for his intimate, enigmatic works from the early 1990s and his recent large-scale, historically inspired tableaux. The exhibition traces a rough chronological trajectory that spans more than 30 years along more than eighty of his canvases.

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Letters project Joseph Willaert 7.Oct.2023 - 3.Mar.2024

Joseph Willaert Brievenproject KASK image Jordi Coppers 33

The research exhibition The Letters Project by Joseph Willaert is dedicated to the "letter paintings" the artist realised in the 1970s. Research shows that at least six of these letters are copies of the real letters. So, besides remarkable paintings, these are also unique art-historical sources.

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Film Fest Gent in S.M.A.K. 10.Oct.2023 - 21.Oct.2024


Film Fest Gent and S.M.A.K. present a special programme to mark the 50th anniversary of the film festival.

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europalia: georgia | Karlo Kacharava 2.Dec.2023 – 14.Apr.2024

Karlo Kachara in 1988 image Guram Tsibakhashvili

As part of europalia georgia, S.M.A.K. is organising the first museum solo exhibition of Georgian artist Karlo Kacharava (1964 - 1994) outside Georgia.

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Extra Muros Z33 'This Is Us' 1.Oct.2023 - 18.Feb.2024


In This Is Us, curator Fabian Flückiger shows work from the collections of M HKA, S.M.A.K., Mu.ZEE and M Leuven for the very first time. You will discover a whole series of collection works from S.M.A.K. at Z33 until February.

This Is Us
29.Aug.23 Category: Portrait
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