Anna Bella Geiger - Native Brazil/Alien Brazil

"Native Brazil/Alien Brazil" by Anna Bella Geiger (1933) echoes the contradictory condition of indigenous populations which Brazilian society both descriminates against and idealises.

Anna Bella Geiger Frontcover
Size:21x28 cm Number of pages:287 Languages:EN Texts from:Danilo Santos Miranda, Bernardo Mosqueira, Zanna Gilbert, Estrella de Diego, Philippe Van Cauteren, Gabriela de Laurentiis, Tomás Toledo + an interview with Anna Bella Geiger by Adriano Pedrosa. Location exhibition:MASP, Sesc Aevenida Paulista and S.M.A.K. (Gent) Price:35 euro ISBN:978-85-310-0081-2
Anna Bella Geiger Backcover 2
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