Sentimental Traveller - Karlo Kacharava

'Sentimental Traveller' appears simultaneously with the first museum solo exhibition outside Georgia by Karlo Kacharava (1964-1994). 'Sentimental Traveller' - This book shows Kacharava's keen awareness of the challenges posed by art, history, politics and society in his native Georgia and beyond, and offers insightful contributions through his paintings, drawings on paper and illustrated diaries, which are among his most celebrated works of art.

K Karlo 1
Size:200 x 260 x 30 mm Number of pages:267 Languages:EN-GE Texts from:Caroline Busta, Aka Morchiladze (= nominated for the 2024-Nobel Prize in Literature!!) Irena Popiashivili, Vija Skangale, Karima Boudou & Liesje Vandenbroeck Location exhibition:S.M.A.K. Price:48 euro ISBN:9789075679694
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