Artist Talk Lydia Ourahmane


On the occasion of her exhibition 'Barzakh', Lydia Ourahmane will give an Artist Talk at 11:00 on Sunday 22 May.

The research-driven projects of Lydia Ourahmane (°1992, Saïda, Algeria) include video, sound, performance, sculpture and large-scale installations that sometimes extend beyond the walls of the exhibition. In terms of content, they start with events from her individual surroundings or with transactions of a very diverse nature. The artist gives them meaning within the field of tension between the personally experienced story and the broad, geopolitical, metaphysical or technological context in which histories repeat themselves.

For the exhibition Barzakh, Lydia Ourahmane moved the entire contents of her flat in Algiers to Europe during the lockdown of 2020. As she could not return to Algeria due to an ongoing artist residency, she brought her 'home' to her in the form of an installation that was given exactly the same surface area and layout as her original living space.

Barzakh was commissioned by Kunsthalle Basel and is a co-production of Kunsthalle Basel and @Triangle-Astérides, Centre d'art contemporain, Marseille. S.M.A.K. is the third stage in a journey that took Barzakh from Basel to Marseille and then Ghent.

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