Book presentation | Dirk Zoete - ‘To be determined. According to the situation'

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The solo exhibition 'Dirk Zoete. To be determined. According to the situation' (2017) prompted S.M.A.K. and publisher Mousse Magazine & Publishing to work with the artist to produce a book on his oeuvre over the past decade.

Philippe Van Cauteren, artistic director S.M.A.K., Stephan Berg, director Kunstmuseum Bonn, and Ann Hoste, curator S.M.A.K., explore Dirk Zoete's work in short essays. Koen Peeters, author and poet, wrote a portrait of the artist.

The work of Dirk Zoete (b. 1969, Roeselare) consists of various disciplines, of which drawing always forms the basis. From drawings, he develops models, installations, sculptures, architectural constructions, photos and films. Not infrequently, these artefacts appear in new work on paper, forming the basis for an additional trace in pencil or the start of yet another project.

In this continuous creative process, Zoete is guided by his imagination. His drawings follow his hand that registers what drives him consciously and subconsciously. It produces idiosyncratic visual compositions that are close to the artist's skin. This impulse carries over into the other works that all become alter egos of their creator.

Practical information

  • Sunday 9 December 2018 at 11:00
  • In the S.M.A.K. auditorium.
  • Introduction by author Koen Peeters.
  • Intervention by Dirk Zoete
  • Book presentation and conversation with the artist by Ann Hoste, S.M.A.K. curator
  • Price: museum ticket, access to the presentation is free of charge.
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