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On Sunday 28 May 2023, Marie-Sophie Beinke talks to Philippe Van Cauteren about the book "Dinge, die nicht in Worte zu fassen sind".

"Dinge, die nicht in Worte zu fassen sind" is an artist's book written by Marie- Sophie Beinke and published by M-S B Verlag and HOPPER&FUCHS (originally published in German in 2021 by M-S B Verlag) and five translations of the same book as paperback editions. This publishing project consists of a mainly blank book, open to every possible idea and image. Things, which cannot be put into words: What has disappeared, the snatched away, the absent, the nothingness, the void are made present. Space for the thinkable, where words fail. An artist's book that openly invites readers to critical thinking, dialogue and debate. Translated into English, French, Dutch, Nepali and Japanese in 2023.

Practical information
  • Sunday 28.May.23, 11:00.
  • In auditorium, free of charge.
  • Marie-Sophie Beinke in conversation with Philippe Van Cauteren.
  • In Dutch.
  • Registration is necessary via this link.
  • Website Marie-Sophie Beinke
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