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On Sunday 8 September, the book "The Zandberg Drawing / 2011-2018" by Danny Bergeman will be presented. Danny Bergeman, an artist with Down syndrome, Jo Coucke (art historian) and Peter Van Hecke (Artistic Mentor Danny) will engage in a conversation.

The presentation of the book "The Zandberg Drawing / 2011-2018" will be framed by a conversation with Jo Coucke (art historian) and Peter Van Hecke (Artistic Mentor Danny). A relevant selection from the original drawings will also be on display.

Danny Bergeman (Izegem, 10 September 1960 / lives in Bissegem) is an artist with Down syndrome. He worked intensively on the book for seven years in art workshop De Zandberg. It is his life's work in which he writes down a reflection on his research in art books, catalogues and magazines. In trying to make this commentary, he develops an abstract geometric note-taking system. He scans books image by image, abstracting each image and listing it in a non-hierarchical system that he builds from left to right, and line by line like a text. "The Zandberg Drawing / 2011-2018" is a facsimile of the original book.

"The Zandberg Drawing / 2011-2018" is published by borgerhoff & lamberigts and includes text contributions by Karel De Corte, Jo Coucke and Peter Van Hecke.

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