Finissage 'Anna Zacharoff | Entrée'

Zacharoff 004 web

Sunday 28 March 2021 is the last day to see Zacharoff's exhibition.

Zacharoff 004 web

Anna Zacharoff (b. 1987, Stockholm) works in various media including performance, sculpture, text, but mostly in painting. A recurring theme in her work is organisms and creatures that live at the bottom of the ocean. Using oil paint and pigment, Zacharoff paints mussels, goldfish, crabs, snails and sea feathers in an interplay of colours and lines that is at once figurative and abstract. These motifs are often depicted in isolation on an empty, but slightly manipulated canvas, which creates the feeling that what you see is just as present as what was left out. The emptiness of the canvas can be read as the vastness of the ocean and everything that hides there.

De Vereniging presents: Anna Zacharoff
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