Conversation with psychologist Frederik Van Driessche on psyche and climate

Frederik Van Driessche

As part of Grace Ndiritu's exhibition 'Healing The Museum', we invite psychologist Frederik Van Driessche to 'The Temple', on Sunday 21 May 2023 at 11:00.

Frederik Van Driessche invites you to a conversation around the critical state of our climate and how it affects our lives. This questioning also enters the practice of psychological consultation: what impact does climate change have on our perception of love, reproduction and sexuality? How do we look at work and the economy from now on? How do we imagine our future?

However, the questions transcend individual desire and call for collective answers. Van Driessche wants to create a group conversation in which stories are shared. In doing so, he also searches for a common imagination space that - based on the needs around climate - wants to appeal to the sense of community again. No better place than The Temple to shape this imaginary space.

Practical info
  • Sunday 21 May 2023 at 11:00.
  • It is necessary to book via this link.
  • Book your ticket for the exhibition via this link, Gentenaars komen gratis op zondagvoormiddag.
  • Het gesprek is in Nederlands, met vertaling naar Frans en Engels indien nodig.

Biography Frederik Van Driessche

Frederik Van Driessche (°1978) is a psychoanalyst with practice in Ghent. Besides his concern for psychologically suffering people, he is strongly committed to pressing social realities, including climate change and migration. In protest against the SignForMyFuture model, he therefore proposed the idea SignForOurFuture. He is also co-founder of #GentZonderGrenzen, a Ghent initiative that develops actions to strengthen a welcoming and solidarity-based migration policy.

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