Hettie Judah on Artist Mothers (and other parents)

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Hettie Judah shares her research on art and parenthood, and suggests changes we might make in working toward a more inclusive art world.

Hettie Judah How Not to Exclude Artist Mothers (and other parents)

What impact does becoming a parent have on an artist? Does it change the work they make, the medium they use, the way they are received by the art world? How might the art world be better structured to include artist parents? This talk will cover topics raised in her recent book – How Not to Exclude Artist Mothers (and other parents) – focussing in particular on the role of institutions, musea, residencies, galleries and art schools, and will conclude with a discussion of the issues parents face returning to the art world after taking time out to raise a family.

Hettie Judah is a British art critic, broadcaster and writer who has worked for many years on the topic of art and motherhood. Following the publication of her 2020 study on the impact of motherhood on artists’ careers, in 2021 she worked with a group of artists to draw up the manifesto How Not To Exclude Artist Parents, now available in 15 languages. In 2022, together with Jo Harrison, Hettie co-founded the Art Working Parents Alliance - a supportive network and campaigning group for curators, academics, gallerists, technicians, educators and others working in the arts. Her recent books include How Not To Exclude Artist Mothers (and other parents) (Lund Humphries, September 2022) and Lapidarium (John Murray, London, October 2022/ Penguin, NY, March 2023).

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  • Thursday 2.Feb.2023.
  • 20:00 in auditorium, free.
  • In English.
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