Talk on Pieter Engels

Portret Pieter Engels Courtesy EPO

Following the exhibition Pieter Engels: Fabulous Oldest Hits, co-curator Sam Steverlynck talks to Dutch art critic Carel Blotkamp.

During this talk, Pieter Engels' work will be framed within his relationship to contemporaries and 'polder conceptualists' such as Jan Dibbets, Marinus Boezem, Ger van Elk and Wim T. Schippers. The talk will also discuss Amsterdam's international role as a magnet for conceptual artists in the 1960s and 1970s and the importance of the 1969 exhibition Op Losse Schroeven, which took place at the Stedelijk Museum.

Biography Carel Blotkamp

Carel Blotkamp (°1945) is a Dutch art critic/writer who was also professor of art history of the contemporary period at the Free University of Amsterdam (1982- 2007). He has written several articles on Pieter Engels for Vrij Nederland and was also a reviewer for de Volkskrant from the 1990s. Blotkamp has contributed to several publications on conceptual art in the Netherlands and more specifically on Pieter Engels and Ger van Elk.

Practical info
  • Sunday 2 July 2023 at 11:00
  • It is necessary to book via this link.
  • In the auditorium.
  • The interview is in Dutch, with translation into French and English if needed.

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