Late Thursday

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On Thursday 7 March 2024, S.M.A.K. and the other Ghent museums will keep their doors open until 22:00. Come along for an evening visit to the ongoing exhibitions, live music by Citadelic Jazz, and a bite to eat at the museum café Wilde Weide.

19:00 Guided introductory tour Karlo Kacharava

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We take you into the inventive visual world of Karlo Kacharava in his first retrospective outside Georgia, Sentimental Traveller. Besides paintings, it includes numerous storyboards, poems and drawings by the artist.

Book for the guided tour here

20:00 Live music by Citadelic Jazz

Citadelic Ornella Egon

Citadelic Jazz provides your share of live music on Thursday nights.

At Citadelic we dig the sound and strength of the saxophone/drum duo.
Ornella Noulet (alto and soprano saxophone) and Egon Wolfson (drums), a young French-American combo is just another example of how souls get united through music.

Ornella Noulet and Egon Wolfson felt that connection playing together in a Jackie McLean tribute project, then in the band Ola Tunji, which is now expanding into a wide range of horizons.

With deep respect for the legacy of John Coltrane and drawing principally their inspiration from saxophone/drum duos from the late '60s and early '70s, they are in search of an explosive and/or meditative way of playing and breathing through their music.

Citadelic Jazz
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