Late Thursday August 2023

SMAK Haegue Yang c Martin Corlazzoli

On Thursday 3 August 2023, S.M.A.K. and the other Ghent museums will keep their doors open until 10pm. Come along for an evening visit to the ongoing exhibitions, live music and a drink or ice cream at Crèmerie GUILLAUME.

19:00 Guided tour Grace Ndiritu 'Healing The Museum' & Haegue Yang 'Several Reenactments'

Grace Ndiritu Event Structure Holistic Reading Room 2

Our guide will take you on a spiritual journey in the Healing The Museum featuring the work of Grace Ndiritu. You will also discover the work of Haegue Yang in Several Reenactments.

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20:00 Concert by Citadelic Jazz

Schermafbeelding 2023 06 14 om 12 21 50

Citadelic Jazz provides your share of live music on Thursday nights.

Geert Hendrickx is a guitarist, composer and improviser from Ghent. He first came into contact with the guitar at the age of 11, as a self-taught rock musician. He later immersed himself in jazz at the Lemmens Institute and the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp.

With GIZMO (2015), he placed himself on the Belgian Jazz map. In 2018, he arranged work for the Antwerp Jazz Orchestra led by Bert Joris with Joshua Redman as guest soloist and, in the meantime, founded Yskan, a quartet with Sam Comerford (Thunderblender), Anneleen Boehme (LABtrio) and Simon Raman (Steiger).

In his solo project, Geert explores all kinds of diverse sounds on electric, acoustic and baritone guitar. With a broad colour palette that ranges from ear-pleasing tones to scraping noise, he creates cinematic soundscapes that fire your imagination.


21:00 Concert by Citadelic Jazz

Schermafbeelding 2023 06 14 om 12 24 20

Citadelic Jazz provides your dose of live music on Thursday nights.

Hikes is the motley crew of Maarten Van Cauwenberghe (Voetvolk), Rodrigo Fuentealba (Golden Hours, Manngold, Fifty Foot Combo, The Fuzztones) and Dag Taeldeman (BodyBodyBodyBody, Fabre, A Brand).

Their guitar trio sprung from their shared fondness for tape machines, Glenn Branca, No Pussyfooting, La Monte Young and Snakefinger. As if The Residents were going to make an ambient record. As if godfather of ambient Brian Eno would play guitar alone, but with 3.

Beyond sound, harmony and melody, you'll find a lot of freedom and space in their music.

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Practical information
  • Thursday 3.Aug.2023, 18:00-22:00.
  • 19:00: guided tour.
  • 20:00: concert Geert Hendrickx.
  • 21:00: concert Hikes.
  • Jan Hoetplein 1, 9000 Ghent.
  • Book your ticket online or at the desk.
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