Warped Dreamer presents ‘Live at Bimhuis’: A Visual Performance by Carlos Caballero

Live at bimhuis

The performance in S.M.A.K. is a visual performance by Carlos Caballero to the music of Live at Bimhuis.

© Carlos Caballero, Untitled (empty archives), 2016 - Oil on linen, 135 x 125 cm

Here, now

We are driven by an urge to define, a desire for clarity, an order to things. We like to know what to expect. On the other hand: this is the 21st century and our assumptions are constantly challenged. So, you can either ignore it or you can embrace it, let yourself be overwhelmed by contemporary chaos and perhaps even let yourself be inspired by it. Warped Dreamer provides the suitable soundtrack to these endeavors.

Live At Bimhuis confronts this dazzling, overdriven challenge head-on: with improvised music that is bursting at the seams, defiantly ignoring stylistic borders and provoking the listener by luring him/her into a challenging sonic labyrinth.


Four voices, connected

Teun Verbruggen and Jozef Dumoulin are partners in a long series of bands/projects - among them the international Bureau of Atomic Tourism and a lauded collaboration with Keiji Haino - that verge towards the experimental side of Belgian jazz and improvised music.

Technological overdrive

By using a dazzling variety of electronics and effects, the band creates extended soundscapes that move from subdued, ethereal moments to dense, intergalactic trips that introduce you to new post-industrial worlds with an almost physical, frightening intensity.

Live At Bimhuis is musical de/construction at its best. This is space exploration, creative transformation and futuristic ritualism combined.

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Carlos Caballero‘s works seem to manifest an extreme metaphysical rigor, although the ineffable of his shapes breaks up the contours, which seem to sink into the pictorial background, so that, even their perimeter proves to be mobile, and in fact these spots of color appear to move, almost to change into each other, simultaneously weaving to proclaim the indecipherable form. Carlos Caballero’s pictorial avant-scène, oscillating between almost conventional grid systems, seemingly expressionist symbols, modernist abstractions, ludic extravagances and geometric shapes, it definitely stages a meticulous and reflective, vast and autonomous work. Through this perpetual process of making and unmaking, his works escape the traditional frames, thus creating their own logic in which the inner movements follow each time independent rhythms. All the elements witch assemble each work can be seen, as a set of esoteric representations, hermetic images, emblematic objects and abstract diagrams, waiting to be decoded.

  • Artist: Warped Dreamer
  • Title: Live at Bimhuis
  • Format: CD & Vinyl RELEASE February 26, 2021
  • Label: Consouling Sounds
  • Personnel:
    • Arve Henriksen - trompet, voice & electronics
    • Teun Verbruggen - drums & electronics
    • Jozef Dumoulin - fender rhodes & fx
    • Stian Westerhus - guitar & electronics
  • Recorded by Dieter Claeys at Bimhuis, Amsterdam, June 2016
  • Mixed, edited and mastered by Stian Westerhus, August 2018
  • Artwork: Carlos Caballero
  • Lay out: Peter Verbruggen
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