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From 22 October 2022 onwards, artist Philippe Van Snick (1946-2019) and his simple, mathematical, poetic and colourful language will be the focus of the exhibition dynamic project.

dynamic project is a walk through the work of Philippe Van Snick (1946-2019) via sculptures, installations, photos, videos, paintings, drawings, models and editions. From the 1960s onwards, he devised a mathematical system to order the world around him. By combining a limited number of numbers and colours in a different way each time, Van Snick conducted poetic research into reality.

Duality is a fundamental element in Van Snick's oeuvre. In the form of simple but elusive motifs such as the ellipse and the moon, these dualities and polarities show themselves in his work. Van Snick's artistic practice breathes minimalism and conceptual art. His work is an aesthetic-sober analysis of life and the world.

Philippe Van Snick: dynamic project
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