Study Group AGAINST WORK. On Artistic Strategies of Unproductivity

Werker reflectie liggend

Artist-in-residence WERKER COLLECTIVE organises a Study Group Against Work during GIF.

Study Group AGAINST WORK aims to delve into the effects of post-industrial work on our bodies, minds, communities, and the biosphere, while envisioning a future without work, as we know it. AGAINST WORK opposes the current exploitative institution of labour and aligns with the abolitionist tradition, which acknowledges work as a (not-only) human activity of self-development for the common good.

The study group is articulated through the collective task of gathering content for a series of readers Against Work. In the session at GIF participants can propose to read their own materials of choice - a snapshot of some pages of a book you are reading, a text you wrote, a reference that should be included, a document, image or drawing - or read the content that has been gathered so far in the study group. Texts will be kept in their original language, left untranslated. We invite you to contribute without any extra effort.

In Dutch & English

  • Tuesday 16.Apr.2024, 14:00-16:00
  • In English & Dutch
  • Free, reservations through

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