Trip to Ghent with visit to the studio of Shervin Sheikh Rezaei.

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13:00 - 14:30

Guided tour in S.M.A.K.:

Special attention goes to Van Snick's lifelong fascination with nature and its beautiful structure and cycles, which the artist instinctively combines and bridges with geometric interventions.

The exhibition at S.M.A.K. shows the evolution of Van Snick's work from early sculptural analyses and mathematically underlying explorations of time and space through conceptual photographs and short films to a later encounter with colour.

14:30 - 15:00

Coffee break.

15:15 - 16:00

Visit to a gallery or art space. (to be determined)

KIOSK Shervine Sheikh Rezaei 2021 c Isabelle Arthuis 14

installation view Analyse 01. 23-11: Anaesthetised, in KIOSK, 2021-2022

16:15 - 17:15

Visit to the studio of:

Shervin/e Sheikh Rezaei (°1994) is a Ghent-based multimedia artist/architect with Iranian roots. She studied Medien Architektur at the Bauhaus University in Weimar in 2017 and graduated as an architect in Experimental Architectural Design at the Faculty of Architecture K.U. Leuven in Ghent in 2018.

In 2019-2020, she became a guest lecturer for the subject Mixed Media Interior Design at LUCA School of Arts in both Brussels and Ghent.

In 2018, she worked as an architect at Dhooge & Meganck Architects in Ghent and since early 2019 as an art assistant at Architecten Jan De Vylder Inge Vinck/ Inge Vinck Jan De Vylder Architects, where she also completed her architecture internship.

In late 2020, her first book Ensemble: An Architecture of the Inbetween was published by Art Paper Editions.

In June 2021, Sheikh Rezaei took the step to devote herself entirely to her own art practice. This path developed over the years. She tries to continue it between the walls of NUCLEO's artist studios in Ghent. Now that she has chosen her own practice, a space has opened up to (re)examine her personal artistic work more closely.

In winter 2021-2022, her exhibition Analyse 01. 23-11: Anaesthetised ran at KIOSK, in Ghent.

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