World Refugee Day in S.M.A.K.

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20 June is World Refugee Day, also in S.M.A.K. The museum opens its doors free of charge on a Monday, everyone is welcome between 14:00 and 21:00.

In recent months, S.M.A.K. has worked intensively with and around refugees. On 20 June, the museum wants to pause for a moment to reflect on recent events and stir up dialogue. Together with befriended artists and organisations, we have put together a programme of testimonies, informal discussions and debates, guided tours in different languages through the exhibition 'Invisible Beauty', film screenings and concerts.

We also present the book 'From here to there', with drawings by refugees in Belgium, collected by S.M.A.K. staff members in different reception centres.

This day is a collaboration between: S.M.A.K., Red Cross Flanders, Fedasil, Engie, Cinemaximilian, vzw Humain and the Civil Platform for Support to Refugees.


14:00 Film | ‘Memories of Home’ by Wendy Montellano

14:00 Photo presentation | ‘Zaatari’ by Benoit De Freine

14:30 Book presentation | Van hier tot daar (From Here tot There) by Philippe Van Cauteren

14:45 Concert | New Music

15:00 Workshop | with artist in residence Kristof Van Gestel

15:00 Conversation | with Philippe Van Cauteren and Rudi Vranckx

15:15 Guided tour | Invisible Beauty (languages: English and Arab)

16:00 Conversation | with Philippe Van Cauteren and Philip Aguirre y Otegui

16:15 Concert | Melike Tarhan, Beshwar Hassan and Hiwa Art

17:00 Conversation | Cinemaximiliaan brings testimonies of refugees.
lecturers: Gwendolyn Lootens, Gawan Fagard, Tristan Wibault, Qosay Hasheem, Shadan Alhamwy & Nagham Alhamwy, Mays Tark, Algayyar, Ayham Seiff Eddin, Alinazar Nejat & Shamsia Ahmadi

17:15 Guided tour | Invisible Beauty (languages: English and Dari)

17:30 Film | ‘Human’ by Yann Artus Bertand

18:30 Concert | Karen Willems and Ahmed Roni

19:00 Panel debate | vzw Humain
lecturers : Bleri Lleshi, Wendy Montellano, Dalal Moosa & Stephanie De Maesschalck.

19:15 Guided tour | 'Invisible Beauty' (languages: English and Arab)

20:00 Concert | Qotob Project

Practical info

  • Monday 20.06.2016
  • from 14:00 to 21:00
  • free of charge.
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