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In his exhibition, called Brei, the German artist Manfred Pernice (1963, Hildesheim) is showing an ensemble of recent work centred on his monumental installation ‘Tutti’. 

Manfred Pernice’s sculptures look like replicas or large-scale models of world cities, flows of traffic and patterns of consumption. They are three-dimensional reflections of actual situations and as such illustrate the way our society is shaped. Forms, materials and reciprocal connections merge to form one experiential space – a single associative, wryly poetical and yet strictly orchestrated ‘brei’ (German for ‘mush’).

In the context of Pernice’s work, 'Tutti' is a good example of how sculpture can expand to become an architectural environment. Pernice’s architectural sculptures are composed of simple materials such as wood and chipboard, with cuttings from newspapers and magazines, photos and found objects attached to them. 'Tutti' is an architectural cylinder comprising four quadrants, with objects and a staircase in the middle, and, as a sort of stage or majestic pedestal, forms the basis for the ‘Brei’ exhibition. After creating the first version at the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford (2010) and the second at Dundee Contemporary Art (2011), 'Tutti' has been subjected to a new transformation in the rooms of S.M.A.K. Under Pernice’s direction, the installation enters into dialogue with the architecture of the museum and with the specific urban context of Ghent. The artist weaves into the exhibition both material references to the local situation and objects either found on the spot or created during the process. The exhibition and the publication are a coproduction by the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford, Dundee Contemporary Art in Dundee and S.M.A.K.

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