Ecce Homo / le Poseur

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S.M.A.K. is presenting an exhibition by the young American artist Jordan Wolfson (°1980, New York), which is built up around a ‘trilogy’ of his recent animation films.

In ‘Con Leche’ (2009), ‘Animation, masks’ (2011) and ‘Raspberry Poser’ (2012) Jordan Wolfson mixes Internet images, autobiographical elements, art historical references, popular culture, scraps of music and analogue and digital animation. His films track issues of ethnic stereotyping, narcissism, class disparity and implied violence and scratch the surface of our self-conscious. Jordan Wolfson is interested not only in the expressive potential of animation, but also in animation as an artistic, sculptural genre and as an essential step in the history of modernity and modernism. Animation destabilizes the differences between life and non-life, the human and the animal, and reality and imagination – and these differences are fundamental for the culture we live in. The films of Jordan Wolfson are typical of a generation whose identity is increasingly defined by the fusion of its own self-image and digital space. Our lives can be read as a play with countless roles and masks which, as a result of such phenomena as social media, can almost endlessly be multiplied and enhanced. In that sense the title of the exhibition ‘Ecce Homo / le Poseur’ refers to this contemporary state of mind: about this wild darkness between the ego and its image. EXPO GUIDE Download here the expo guide Special thanks to David Zwirner, New York/London and Sadie Coles HQ, London, for their generous support.


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