Faux Jumeaux 12 presented by Christine Macel

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At the end of 2008 Michel François had received carte blanche from the S.M.A.K. to determine the exhibition programme in two galleries for more than a year. 

François chose two identical exhibition rooms and named his project Faux Jumeaux (false twins). He asked 15 people to each select two works of art which, although very similar with regard to form or material, were created independently. Which similarities or differences between the two works come to light when ‘mirrored’ in the two identical galleries?

Christine Macel, the twelfth curator, chose two performances as "Faux Jumeaux". In 1974 Gary Hill created Hole in the Wall, a destructive performance in which we see the artist making a hole the size of a TV monitor in the wall and then placing a TV monitor in it. The whole performance was filmed and the video finally shown on the monitor. In 1981 Rasa Todosijevic made a very special contribution to the "From sound to..." exhibition in the Gallery of Student’s Cultural Center in Belgrado, Yugoslavia. She made three holes in a wall and placed a small radio, each tuned into a different station, in each hole. She then expertly stopped up the holes, leaving no visible trace of her activities on the surface. Rasa Todosijevic repeated this performance for "Faux Jumeaux" and built three radios into the wall. The work, entitled Invisible sculpture – Eternal music, will remain encased in the wall in S.M.A.K. for the next 20 years – and therefore be part of the museum ‘collection’ for this period.

Proposition 1 - Michel François Proposition 2 - Loïc Vanderstichelen Proposition 3 - Daniel McClean Proposition 4 - Yves Brochard Proposition 5 - Guillaume Désanges Proposition 6 - Laurent Jacob Proposition 7 - Raya Lindberg Proposition 8 - Hans Theys Proposition 9 - Frank Maes Proposition 10 - Philippe Van Cauteren Proposition 11 - Rainier Lericolais Proposition 13 - François Curlet Proposition 14 - Joël Benzakin Proposition 15 - Lea Gauthier Proposition 16 - Jean-Paul Jacquet

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