Ghost Shift


The S.M.A.K. presents the installation Ghost Shift by video and installation artist Stefaan Dheedene. 

Concretely, the installation consists of a big wooden display case with a circular saw machine, a photocopier and sawdust set up inside. On a pedestal next to the display case there are irregularly cut pieces of wood and a stack of A4-sheets of which the reverse side is white, the front side a variable series of white to almost completely black.

The above-mentioned set-up is the residue of a series of events that came before: Stefaan Dheedene activated – not alone but with two – the props. The artist set to work with wood and circular saw in order to saw blocks of wood as small as possible. Meanwhile his companion in the same display case copied a white A4-sheet of paper over and over again. Each copied page was in turn copied until a quasi-completely black sheet rolled out of the machine. Sawdust in time became the ‘image determining’ jammer. Ghost Shift is presented by the S.M.A.K. as if it were a dusty machine left behind in a factory. Production is down, the products are lying there as silent witnesses.

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