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Nick Ervinck (°1981, Kortemark) is exploring the borders of different media. He tries to find out what the interactions are of virtual constructions and self-made sculptures. 

He therefore uses prints, video and digital drawings that are leading to the making of sculptures in coloured plaster, polyester or wood. In his digital prints and animations he creates a surrealistic space and plays with volumes, proportions and colours. For the space of Kunst Nu in S.M.A.K. he will start from a drawing of the 19th Century, that he transforms to a wall drawing. This new manipulated 2D-drawing will be interpreted in 3D as a sculpture with the title GNI-RI sep2009 EITOZOR between the walls of the exhibition space.

Also interesting to know: on the roof of the Zebrastraat comes a new sculpture: WARSUBEC.

In collaboration with Claerhout Communication House

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